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Download GOG Galaxy 2 Beta

GOG has just released the closed beta version of GOG Galaxy 2, many people didn't get the chance to download it, so i uploaded the client for it so you can download it and enjoy the great new features.

GOG Galaxy 2
GOG Galaxy interface

the GOG Galaxy 2 beta version let you connect most of gaming clients under one client so you don't have to look for your games in many different clients, you can connect GOG Galaxy 2 to steam, uplay, origin, epic games, Xbox and PlayStation network, the benefits of connecting them differ from one to another.

you can also access the GOG store from the client to buy and download your games, and you can filter all the games you own depending on their genre and time spent on them or by recent.

another good feature is earning achievements for the games you play the normal way and get connected with your friends (cross-platform chatting), the client UI is clean and beautiful to look at, and they have different cover art for the games than their official ones, and on top of that you can use your own backgrounds and cover arts.

and of course you can download games from steam, origin, uplay, and epic from GOG Galaxy 2 without the need to look for them individually.

you can download GOG Galaxy 2 Beta version from the link below:
Download GOG Galaxy 2 Beta