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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for FREE

Rockstar is now making a special offer, you can download Rockstar games launcher and get Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for free after downloading it.

Rockstar games launcher
Rockstar games launcher UI

all you have to do is download Rockstar games launcher, then sign in or make an account and claim the game, you will be able then to download GTA: San Andreas for free on your pc, the Rockstar games launcher now includes many of the company's best games including GTA 5, Bully, GTA Vice City, and GTA IV.

as of right now you have to be online to play the game, it is unnecessary DRM and really kind of annoying.

the rock star games launcher is very basic, you can only buy games and redeem codes for games you bought from third-party sellers, there is no way to communicate with your friends using it.