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How a fast food company reached fame from a mobile game?

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as you know the competition between fast companies is fierce so any new company need to come up with a new great ideal with untapped potential to make its mark and reach a lot of possible customers, and for Chipotle to get this great idea it had to think outside of the box.


Chipotle is fast food Mexican grill and of its values is making a resolution in the fast food business and at the start they choose an initiative and called it (food with integrity initiative) and it aims for finding the best food ingredients that respect the environment.


the problem is chipotle was a new name in the world of fast food industry and they are going in a field where KFC, MacDonald's and Chick fil a are the big boys, and if Chipotle want its part of the cake the need a creative marketing plan.


so how chipotle did it?


for any initiative to reach success it has to reach to as much people as possible, so chipotle produced and published a mobile game and an animated commercial video on YouTube, and estimated the success of those two steps.


results of digital marketing:

1- the animated video commercial on YouTube reached 6.5 million view in less than two weeks.

2- the mobile game (chipotle scarecrow) reached top 15 on iOS at launch


though the animated commercial was good back then, Chipotle had to remove it because of allegations of false advertising that has been settled later, the game on the other hand reached a good success because it had a big budget and the designer made an amazing characters and interesting story with Chipotle's name in the title of the game which kept the players coming back, another thing is that they made sure the ads were annoying and stopping the players from having fun which helped with brand awareness.


later MacDonald's made a pc dating game on steam which was received well by the players, which shows the success of using digital platforms to reach new audience.

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