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Guild wars 2 skyscale requirements is frustrating!

I really wanted to get the skyscale mount in guild wars 2, it looks very useful and beautiful.

The problem was that the collection requirments for it was very boring and tedious for me, soloing them made it feel like a customer service job for an evil corporate.

The thing is skyscale is a major convenience, you can use it to skip alot of obestacles and hostile enemies.

I feel like guild wars 2 isn't focused as many of their activities catter to different types of players.
The core experience catter to the very casual audience, then you play the expansions and the game become significantly much more challenging and some challenges would require help from other players to complete them.
It doesn't help the situation that gw2 uses instances instead of showing all players all the time, so you not find players in your instance that are interested in helping you.

The other thing i found about gw2 is that it is not convenient to play after certain point, you cant for example make a character for all classes in the game without buying character expansion, qnd so does for many other things like name changing and race swap.

Maybe the last point i wrote would have been not a big problem for me if there was regional pricing, i live in a developing country and the average salary in my country is way below the average salary the U.S.A, maybe making servers restricted for developing countries would have brought them some money, instead of the nothing they got from me after i bought the expansions on sale.

It also annoyed me that i can't change my email, and everytime i login in it suggest i get two factor authentication.

There is not enough time in my life to waste on a boring and frustrating collection requirements to get a very useful mount in one game.

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