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Top free to play Racing Games

When it comes to the racing games genre, you probably can't find many free to play racing games, the genre in those years are focused on Simcades and low effort free to play mobile racing games that barely have any enjoyment in them, so i wanted to make a list about top free to play racing games to aid people like me that are looking for some racing games to kill some time without having to drop some money.

a note: the list will not include games that just have cars on them or don't having racing mode, i saw alot of articles and community discussions that include non racing games in their list making them unhelpful for racing games lovers.

My Top F2P Racing Games on PC/Playstation/XBOX/Nintendo Switch/Mobile

1- Trackmania (pc)


Trackmania is a popular racing game that allows you to race angainst other players online in many tracks using forumula inspired cars, it has a free version that you can play without so much restriction if you are looking for a light game to play with friends, with the paid version which is a yearly subscription that allows you to create tracks, Play community-made campaigns live in the Arcade Channel and the club rooms, Compete in casual tournaments or in international, top level leagues and collecting rewards while playing the game.


2-  Marbles on Stream (pc)

Marbles on stream

Marbles on Stream is an easy access Marble Racing game, You can simulate races yourself or stream it on Twitch.tv with viewers! Many features in game to help interact with your viewers and engage with them in unique ways.

Available modes in the game:
Race Mode: Physics driven Marble Races through Original Marble Tracks Developed by PbP.

Royale Mode: Marbles Fight to the Death in a Physics Driven Marble Royale, last marble wins.

Grand Prix: Select 2 to 16 Tracks to race through and compete for Points at the end present the top 3 Marbles at the end with a Podium.

Tilted: Control the tilt of the map and compete to get as many marbles to the finish as possible through procedural tracks and unlimited levels.

Map Builder: Build Maps and Upload them into the global system for others to race on.

Marbles on Stream is integrated with Twitch.tv API and enabled Twitch Streamers to involve their viewers in the game. This game is very community oriented and brings people together in existing communities.


3- Asphalt 9: Legends 9 (nintendo switch and mobile)

Asphalt 9 is free to play arcade racing game that allow you to play with some many different cars and  tracks, you can also upgrade the cars you own, and play with other players online or with ghosts, and probably your only bet at finding a free racing game on nintedo switch, as developers still not interest in porting mobile games to the switch, and even many mobile games when ported to nintedo switch became paid, probably because they weren't sure about their success on it.

one thing to criticize about this game is that it has paid lootboxes, something i utterly disgust, so only play it for fun and don't drop money on it.

4- Horizon Chase (mobile) 

Horizon chase is an old school arcade racing game like out run, the main objective in this game is using your drifting skills and collecting gas containers and nitro bottles to reach the first place in each match, with achieveing certain goals in each race you can unlock new cities in the game with new matches and upgrade your cars by doing Very challenging special matches. the game focus on singleplayer experience on mobile and best of all you can play the demo for free, and that can give you a good hour or two of noninterrupted fun.

the paid version of the game include most areas and cars, and it is definitely worth the purchase.

the pc and console version of the game have much features to the game, like local multiplayer with friends.

5- Kartrider rush+ (mobile)

one of the most popular free to play kart racing games in South Korea, the game has smooth controls, very colorful environments, the ability to customize the look of your driver and play online in various modes similar to mario kart and crash team racing.

a note about this game, is that it has paid lootboxes and various gambling in game purchases in it, so avoid that like a plague and just enjoy the game in small bursts.

6- Dr. driving (mobile)

this is game is more about having tight control over your car instead of drifitng or burning nitros left and right, it is a more relaxing game with simple graphics that can be played on any phone.

you can also play online multiplayer against players from around the world or against your friends.



Upcoming games i'm excited for :



Kart rider Drift is free to play arcade kart game coming to PC, Playstation and XBOX, the game will feature many Karts, Tracks and customization options, and as i said before, Kartrider series is very popular in the East, so i want to see what the team behind the game will deliever.



Vroom is a battle royale arcade racing game that is developed by one dude, the cars and environment in tracks looks like the toys we used to play with when we were kids, the game itself don't have any information about its business model, but there is good chance that it will be free to play game considering it is a battle royale game.



if you can afford few bucks consider those:    


Assetto corsa if you are fan of racing simulators, the base price is 20 bucks, but it goes for like 4 bucks on sale.

Wreckfest is great if you like seeing the effect of cars smashing into each other in arcade fun races, and playing with some cool looking vehicles like crop harvesters, school buses and three-wheelers, games is 30 Buckaroo, and gets many great sales.


Descenders is great bicycle racing game, with relaxing environments to look at while racing in singleplayer and online multiplayer, the game is like 25 Dollars, and goes on sale for like 10 bucks. 



currently Team Racing and Sonic And all stars racing transformed which are one of the best Kart racing games are bundled with so many sonic games for 10%, you can buy them from here.

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