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Team Sonic Racing 2023 Review

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Team Sonic Racing is an Arcade Kart Racing game, that features a singleplayer/coop campaign, multiplayer modes that you can play with and against your friends and other people online and offline, the ability to unlock parts and customizations for every car, and accessing the garage to customize the look and stats of each cars using the parts you unlocked using the gasha system in the game that is called Mod Pods.

The Gameplay
team sonic racing gameplay is very tight and fun, your objective is to make sure your team reaches the first place, and not just you, who every in the first place in your team will leave a golden trail on the ground and as long you follow it you get faster and if you leave it after following it for enough time you get a slingshot which gives you a great short boost the more time you spent following that trail giving you a comeback chance.

the items in the game are fun and varied just like Mario kart, and you will be able to give it away to other team members so they can use it, and they may triple in value or change to a completely different item if you did this.

after filling the meter behind your car by doing certain actions like walking behind your teammate trail or sending and receiving items, team ultimate will unlock which give you a huge boost of speed.

the maps itself are colorful and varied from each other, one criticism i heard from many reviewers is that they don't have enough dangers and wide, but i disagree, why the maps are designed this way is because of the golden trail that the first player in the team leave behind, if the maps are tight, it would be hard to follow it.

at the end of each match the score of each team is calculated depending on their position, so making sure that your other teammates reach a good position before the end of the match is important.


The campaign
the campaign is nothing special honestly, it has voiceovers with text bubbles, it has a new character that invites them to a bunch of races, and sonic and his buddies are arguing if he is cooking something behind their backs or not, by finishing stages you get coins which you can use them to unlock new parts and cosmetics using mod pads (gacha system)

The Online Multiplayer experience
the features in the online multiplayer are lacking honestly, no rooms browser so you can find other players, only matchmaking system.
there is huge time spent on menus showing your positioning after each time, and you can't skip it, so you are losing like a minute or two looking at menus after each match, and the online multiplayer is mostly dead on steam, there is like 15 players online last time I checked.

Unlocking car parts and customizations
you can unlock car parts using those gacha balls that you can buy them with coins you get by playing the game, I don't like the idea, but it is fine, as there are no real money in-game purchases.
you can customize your car's stats by changing parts, and you can change their looks like colors, and the materials of each part which is very cool.

the game has decent graphics, but has some weird aliasing around the edges of each car, it is not awful while you are racing, but they could have made a much better job on this part.

Final Verdict: I recommend this game, It has fun gameplay, cool cars, Cute characters, and beautiful maps, the dead online multiplayer was not a big deal for me.

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