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Why fortnite became stale?

 Fortnite by design is the most unique Battle Royale I played, you can destroy and build structure,  the art style is very stylish, and many cameos the game received through the years. The proplem though is not the core experience, but its applications. 

Fortnite is rellying so much on the battle royale mode with no regard in the lost potential of having other modes. While battle royale is fun party mode because of its nature of having part of it about luck it won't satisfy many competitive players.

The battle royale mode is inconsistent by nature, it has random loot in each area, you got one chance in each match.

While Fortnite added a temporary capture the flag mode in some of the seasons, and the barebones team rumble mode, I think that is not enough when a yearly series like call of duty has more modes to play in every game than the two main modes Fortnite have.

I understand when someone says "but creative exist and you can make whatever you want in it" and while this is true, the presentation in most creative modes is not good enough, and because Fortnite doesn't have decent server browser for all active creative modes, even good modes die fast if they are not on the features page.

At the end of the day video games are about fun, and unless your game offer actual new content people will move to the new hotness no matter how much money you spend on marketing and collabs.

Fortnite need more ever green content than ever, modes like capture the flag, or search and destroy could really help the game attract more people while not affecting the battle royale mode fans.

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