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Fortnite Zero Build Review

fortnite no building mode is the current normal mode for the battleroyale, and its introduction to the game made alot of people consider downloading the game again!. so lets get into more details on it.

the Zero build mode in fortnite work this season because of so many reason, and i will talk about the many changes fortnite added this season to make more fun to play, and if they are enough or not.

firstly, there are many rope that take you to higher places, so if you see a mountain then there is probably a rope that will take you on top of it around it, but i think it is not enough alone, because you will still need look for its location while your enemies are shooting at you with their high grounds advantage.

fortnite this season have new tool called cow catcher which you can drop on the ground as small shield wall or drop it on cars to make them armored and destroy most of stuff they get through including buildings, it is a great defensive tool, and i wish they keep it in the game.

fortnite also added sprinting which can be used defensive against enemies that use snipers, mantling building to get to higher ground and kill your enemies or scout the area, and while sprinting you can shoulder bash doors to enter building faster and get protected from enemy's fire.

the armored battle bus and tanks are also a great way to enjoy the game with friends, you can ride it together, and you can also repair it so it can last with you for the whole match.

lastly fortnite add IO blimps which you can get into it by the ropes around it and dropping on it from the get go, and it has many chests and siege cannons that you can use to drop very fast to far areas and deploy your glider to have more control.

so overall while no building mode is not perfect, it added a much needed change to the fortnite stale gameplay and are getting many people back into the game that were not interested in the building mechanics in the game, and were losing fights because of building master players.

and lastely you can still play the battleroyale with building in ranked mode, so jump in and be careful to win games.

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