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Ms. Marvel is a Bad Series

As a Muslim i was curious enough about that show where they keep pushing as the first Muslim super hero in the marvel cinematic universe. Many of the marketing materials focused on the religion of Ms. Marvel and "representation", so I guess it is fair to criticize their execution of this "representation".

Ms. Marvel as 99.99% percent of the entertainment media is soaked in the Liberal and atheist Propaganda, from the start the trailer of Ms. Marvel says (maybe they’re right. I spent so much time in fantasy land) while showcasing a scene of people praying in a mosque. Talk about heavy handed atheism preaching.

Now let's talk about the first episode, from the get go it shows her father as ignorant who never heard of technology when he gets shown a simple amazon echo alternative, they make the mother say that she is not trusting of her child for no reason (probably to show devoted religious people as demons, in the meantime showing the less strict father as wholesome)

They were hinting that the non Muslim friend maybe can get in romantic relationship with Kamala Khan which doesn't work in her religion (friendship between men and woman isn’t even allowed between men and woman).

They show that saying (in the name of god) won't help in the car license test scene, and after that they showed that her family were handling Kamala’s behavior in a very bad way (blaming the examiner and not being justiful).

Outside of the very bad representation, there are some scenes that are not well thought out, for example when Kamala was in the convention, her colleague was hit by a Thor giant hammer that looks like it was made out of foam. And even if it was a foam, a giant decor piece like that would have left her some pain, but no pain at all. 

I really thought about the scene of Ms. Marvel forgetting about the glove in the bathroom, and i believe it was bad idea for the plot, the writers could have made her use the glove and the bracelet at the same time, and while she showcase her costume in many heroic poses the bracelet get activated by accident, it would have made scene more fun and colorful too.

In the last scene of episode one, the mother caught kamala sneaking in her room after going to avenger con behind their back and she ask Kamala (who do you want to be in this world?, do you want to be good? or do you want to be cosmic head-in-the-clouds person?), which is a metaphor for (do you want to be a devoted religious person or liberal?).

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