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Battleroyale games are boring at their core!

- The gameplay loops battle royale games are not fun, you spend alot of time going from a place to another trying to find a good gear and if you died in the start, the. You probably lost 5 minutes of your time doing almost nothing instead of playing anything else that gives you consistant amount of fun.

- most battle royale games remove old content and new content instead of it, so if you like a map or a gun in the game you probably not going to see it back for month and sometimes entire seasons.
- while most of battleroyale games don't have gambling microtransactions, they do have terrible manipulative strategies to get your money like using fear of missing out tactic with "limited time store items" and battle passes that makes you play those games for long unhealthy amount of hours instead of taking a decent break from them or varying your gameplay experience between many games.
- not much of thought-out content outside of the main battleroyale mode for most games, some games don't even have a generic deathmatch modes.
- support for the LGBT is present in many of those games, they force their marketing of the LGBT support on all players.

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