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Fortnite Bot Problem - fortnite lying about bots


when i play fortnite with my friends i always wonder if i just killed bots or real players, there is not direct indications that fortnite offer to the players to know if they are playing against bots or real players, and it gets irritating, because normally gamers get excited when they know they outplayed their real enemies, and knowing they were just playing against bots can be underwhelming.


i did a research on the internet and i think that the ways people know that they are playing against bots is not intentionally provided by epic games, for example bots don't have ammo so they don't need to reload, they have generic names, and the spectate symbol appear above your shield bar for a split second after killing them.


the problem is that it really feels like manipulation against players, to make them think they are good in order for them to stick to the game and start spending real money on their skins, it is dishonest to say the least. and fortnite is also not the exception here, many of popular video games and mobile games use the same tactic to manipulate players that they are professional players in order to get them hooked and start spending money on their new hobby.

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