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is Guild Wars 1 worth playing? Answered

Guild Wars


I recently played Guild Wars 1: Prophecies, and from the get-go, I understood the appeal of the game and why many Guild Wars 2 players weren't happy about GW2 going with a hybrid combat system (tab targeting + action combat).

in Guild Wars 1, you get to choose from 10 classes in the game and have a secondary profession from the early hour, so you can be a necromancer and Mesmer at the same time, you can customize the skills locations on the skill bar unlike GW2, and the skill bar looks much better for the eyes.

one thing I liked about the game is that you get new skills by finishing quests, which makes the game more immersive, and makes the world of the game more fun to explore, in order to get the resurrect skill for example you will take a quest that asks you to join another real player party and then come back to the quest giver and finish it, I find that to be more entertaining than just learning quest automatically with leveling up like in GW2.

after doing the basic quests in guild wars 2, the game starts giving you some ai companions, which is recommended to use them to finish quests or you can play with other real players in your party.
one interesting thing is that GW1 is not an MMORPG, when you go on quests or missions there are no players on the map other than your party members, and to be honest with you I really didn't care.

one thing I didn't like though is that guild wars 1 maps are big, and there are no mounts, so it becomes tedious at many points to explore some maps during quests and missions, I really hoped that they would put mounts in the game before closing the page on content updates for the game.

I like the vastness of the maps in this game, every part of the map seems like it has enough space to shine and be unique.
I also like the generic clothing and weapons RPG setting in the game, the ranger wears green and is slim, while the warrior is bulky and wears heavy armor, many MMORPGs try to be unique with their style of art, but there is a reason the generic RPG looks are so popular.

I still didn't play the other expansions of the game, because Prophecies missions take longer time than I expected to finish, but from the looks of it, each expansion has new environments and maps, so it will be fun when I get to play them.

currently, I'm going between serious sam: Siberian mayhem, Guild wars 1, and Fortnite. I don't want to burn out playing a certain game, taking my time with each game sounds like a better strategy.

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