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Is Fortnite Chapter 4 worth playing? Answered

fortnite chapter 4

Fortnite chapter 4 was released on 10 December 2022, and it brought so many great updates to the battle royale mode that i think it is worth playing.

fortnite chapter 4 features

- fortnite chapter 4 brought passive buffs in the form of augments that you get every few minutes in the match, you can choose between two every time or you can roll them (first time is free then it cost gold which is earned only by collecting it in matches).
- fortnite chapter 4 brought bikes, something i longed for. you can ride the bike, damage enemies with your weapons and reload your weapons while driving, also bikes are two person vehicles.
- they added shockwave hammer, which you can use it to hit your enemies up close and make them fly away from their position, or right click with your mouse and you will be flying your self (very useful in getting away from the storm).
- the weapons this chapter are way more fun than the last season with the Maven Auto shotgun and the scar assault rifle being my favorite this season. i also think that both twin-mag smg and tactical pistol are way more better weapons than last season smgs and pistols.
- you can now jump over obstacles which give more freedom in movement.
- the battlepass has many beautiful cosmetics like doom slayers and the ageless, it seems they went with a gothic and eerie style this season.

the Fortnite chapter 4 problems

- while this chapter has many features and content added to keep things exciting, it also came with so many bugs including weapons not reloading in the match, your character become hidden, and building not being completely destroyed even though you destroyed the foundation.
- the battle pass of the game has some revealing outfits like Helsie and Selene.
- the weekly challenges for the battle pass now get removed each week and replaced with new ones, if there are some that you didn't finish yet, you will no longer be able to do them after their removal, it is a very terrible move which make grinding the battle pass a much more time consuming process.

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