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Why Zakat is Mandatory? Answered


Zakat transfers money from well-off people to people in need, it gives support to the survival of mankind and an opportunity for getting out of poverty.

One important thing about zakat is that it put a stop to laziness, if you are a lazy Muslim and you have to pay zakat every year, you will have to invest your money or work for someone else, or otherwise, your wealth will decrease, contrary to not pay anyone anything each year.

The great thing about zakat is that it is a percentage of the wealth, not a specific amount, so the more you get rich the more you pay money to people in need.

Zakat also helps prevent crimes and injustice, people who are in need may start resorting to thievery to survive which put the community in danger, also people in poverty can’t afford to hire lawyers to defend them in court which leads to injustice between the rich and poor people.  

Zakat is only 2.5 percent, and your wealth has to reach 85 grams of gold 21 karats to pay the zakat, anything less than that and you will not have to pay it.

Zakat is one of the five Pillars of Islam and it makes rich people get used to helping others.

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