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Non P2W Mobile Games with no Paid Lootboxes Recommendations

if you are tired of the garbage pay to win mobile games, then this non p2w mobile games recommendations list is for you.
let's start this non p2w andoid games with a nice arcade driving game!


Retro Highway

this retro arcade motorbike driving game allows you to ride on the highway and try to survive cars and road hazards, score points and collect coins to buy new motorbikes.
you can unlock new roads in this game by finishing challenges, each road has its own gimmicks like Moon base road for example when you drive over a ramp, you go higher in the air, unlike other roads.
you can pay a small fee to remove ads in the game.
the game has nice graphics and easy-to-learn mechanics, you only have to tap left and right and use nitro to get higher points in the score and skip some boring sections of the road.

Perfect Grind
this skating game will remind you of cute games you probably used to play when you were a child, it has beautiful stages, fun characters, and decent controls.
you get a score by doing cool tricks.
you can unlock new stages and characters which is nice.
also, it has a banana character, who doesn't like a banana character in a video game.


don't get deceived by this rhythm game's cute vibes, it is easy to learn but hard to master.
it has many songs you can play and master, and you can subscribe to unlock more songs.
I highly recommend this game for people who think that many of the rhythm games controls on mobile are weird.

Flipflop Solitaire
if you like playing solitaire on Windows back in the day, you would love this game. it has a clean UI and simple controls and gameplay with different modes.
the ads in the game are not annoying and you can unlock the full game by paying a small fee, it also removes the ads in the game.

KartRider: Drift
Probably one of the best Kart mobile games on phones and pc, and all the paid stuff in the game doesn't affect game balance.
the game has cute karts and characters, there is a battle pass and shop with no gambling stuff in them.

this arcade game makes you break squares by throwing a ball at them, the more you play the more the game gives you squares that require more balls to break. you acquire more balls to break the square by the ball moving on a sign. it is very easy to learn and it gives you more cosmetic styles for balls by paying with the coins you get from playing or paying real money, there are ads but not very annoying.

this driving game is so much fun. you can wreck your opponents' vehicles in many challenges and you can unlock new challenges and cars by just playing the game or buying DLCs, the game is not p2w as it has many cars in the standard version that are good.
you can also upgrade your car with better parts to adjust their performance to your liking, and some parts give visual changes to your cars.
the price of the game is affordable and it goes on sale.

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